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  • Assist you in choosing raw materials according to your specific needs
  • Supply the quantities you need
  • Provide full documentation
  • Label with your private label
  • Foresee and design your future needs.
  • Raw Materials
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical laboratory equipment


- 7 Clean Rooms for Raw Material Production, Class C, 10.000 particles.

- Quality Control Laboratory and Microbiological Laboratory that comply with GLP.

- Quality Assurance Department.

- Standard storage facilities with continuous multi-parameter storage control.

- Bioclimatic facilities for environmental protection.


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Kertus is specialized in repacking Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), excipients and fine chemicals under GMP rules, while its activity is controlled by the National Organization for Medicines. Our company can supply Raw Materials in a wide range of assortments from small quantities in milligram up to large ones in kilograms, on your request, accompanying the raw material with full documentation.





On 01.01.2012, Kertus was the first company in Greece to receive a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate from the National Organisation for Medicines (NOM) for reconditioning of APIs. The company's new model facilities meet the highest packaging standards for pharmaceutical raw materials, rendering it a pioneer company in the sector in Greece, ready to serve clients worldwide and even offer personalised label solutions upon request. 




With a high production capacity, in our own newly built 2,700 sq.m. factory - located​​ in a ​​15,000 sq.m. plot - we cover the full range of pharmaceutical raw materials and constantly evolve, based on strategic plans and partnerships.




  • Global sourcing: We have access to over 9,000 raw materials suppliers through a comprehensive database that allows us to realize fast and flexible deliveries to our clients
  • Full documentation of raw materials: All essential documents and certificates are available for our raw materials certifying the highest level of controls and analyses performed.
  •  Private labels: Our up-to-date facilities give us the dynamics and the opportunity to offer products according to our customers’ needs and expectations and enable us to provide them products with their own exclusive label.
  •  Innovation: Searching new products and services on a daily basis, we endeavour to constantly improve all services our clients provide to their patients.






Quality constitutes a fundamental principle dictated by a deep sense of responsibility and consciousness, as raw materials are used to safeguard and improve patients’ health.

In order to assure the quality of our products we:

  • Developed 1 Quality Assurance Department (QΑ) in our production unit.
  • Installed 2 laboratories with advanced facilities, fully equipped with modern and sophisticated analysis instruments, libraries, reagents and materials of the highest purity.

These laboratories are staffed by experienced scientists and qualified professionals. Our company conducts continuous laboratory tests and analyses for each batch and each incoming material/raw material/new space, and tests environmental conditions according to GLP.




Thursday, December 1st, 2011: Κertus supports the protection of children rights and concentrates its efforts in over-passing their everyday problems. We must not let children's smile fade away! Kertus supports ...


Monday, September 26th, 2011 : Kertus will be present (pavillions  35 and 38) offering integrated solutions for pharmaceutical laboratories and presenting a large range of products in the exhibition Pharmapoint ...


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